We are a global leader in HVAC energy efficiency through automated building environmental signature tracking with integrated machine learning. Our performance-guaranteed, holistic, future-ready approach also results in maintenance savings, longer plant life and lower FM costs.

Why Symphony Energy?


Energy Savings

Symphony Energy brings energy savings to a whole new level. It takes a holistic view of each particular building and prescribes a relatively low cost composite solution capable of delivering deep energy savings without a deep retrofit budget. It is setting the standard in energy efficiency through thermal signature tracking, IIoT technology and machine learning. Such savings are achievable while maintaining, or sometimes improving comfort or process conditions.


Flexible Open Systems

Symphony utilises open source technology to deliver its high performance energy control solutions. This is ideal for IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things) connectivity and for access to a wide range of OEM offerings. This culminates in a greater capacity for interoperability across multiple platforms, ultimately yielding the best performance opportunities while minimising costs. This insulates the client from the usual performance restrictions associated with proprietary closed systems and the higher costs when locked into supply from a single manufacturer. With Symphony, your building is future-ready.


Tuned like a ‘symphony’

The Symphony system tunes the operation of the various HVAC system components to track the thermal signature of the facility. This ever dynamic environment can incorporate machine learning, continuous commissioning and a guided self-tuning mechanism to ultimately converge towards the optimum plant operating configuration that meets comfort and process requirements. The various components of the HVAC system work as a ‘symphony’ together, with plant components on different sub-systems delivering according to the coordinated, holistic requirements of the composite HVAC system.


Management Time Savings

Symphony has developed a smartphone app and Symphony Cloud platform that is tailored to the needs of senior management, facilities managers, maintenance personnel and where desirable, staff. At their fingertips, senior staff have the level of visibility they need into the operation and energy performance of their building’s HVAC systems. Likewise, the facilities manager has instant visibility and control over the pertinent aspects of the HVAC systems under his or her management. Collectively this lends to considerable management time efficiency for all concerned and a better, more energy and cost efficient building facility.


Maintenance Savings

Under Symphony control, the system first identifies and then tracks the thermal signature of the building facility. The HVAC plant is then controlled to deliver just the right amount of heating, cooling and ventilation at optimal temperatures. Consequently, the boilers, chillers, pumps and fans etc. are utilised very efficiently with minimal strain or over production. This has the effect of widening the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) periods on plant repairs and extending plant longevity. Should a maintenance issue arise, Symphony has the ability to generate automated maintenance alerts. This rapid, targeted maintenance response reduces downtime and reduces maintenance costs.
Furthermore, for many facilities where Symphony has dramatically reduced the energy consumption, it may be feasible to discontinue the maintenance/renewal of some plant items as the Symphony solution has rendered them no longer necessary. This can significantly reduce the periodic plant lifecycle replacement costs.


EPC (Energy Performance Contract)

Symphony Energy offers its service in the form of an EPC. An EPC provides a performance guarantee that ensures the client gets exactly what was promised, if not more. Symphony is only paid for the value of the actual energy savings achieved.
If Symphony promises energy savings of 60% on a 3 year payback, then Symphony guarantees the payback to the client. If the savings fall short, then Symphony reimburses the client an amount that ensures the payback guarantee is met. As such, the performance of the client’s investment is guaranteed. If Symphony outperforms the predicted savings, then the client benefits from even higher savings after the contract term.
The client also enjoys the benefit from efficiencies in maintenance and facilities management associated with the Symphony solution

NZEB Performance

Beyond NZEB for New Build

Symphony can support design teams and contractors to meet or exceed delivered NZEB energy consumption

NZEB with Light Retrofit

Symphony provides a turn-key short payback solution targeting NZEB levels of energy consumption in existing buildings

Symphony Energy Solution

We are a global leader in HVAC energy efficiency through smartphone control and building thermal signature tracking.