Typically 40% to 70% savings on your HVAC electricity and gas/oil

Maximised performance of existing HVAC assets through automated thermal signature tracking and smartphone technology


Strategic Central HVAC System Enhancements

Symphony’s Chartered Engineers have a proven track record for energy efficient design, both for new build projects and for retrofit. Symphony would undertake a review of the project site’s building physics and analyse its existing HVAC systems from an engineering first principles perspective. Symphony would subsequently identify opportunities for strategic, cost-efficient enhancements to the existing HVAC systems.


New HVAC Control Routines

Symphony would install a high grade Loytec building automation PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programmed with a sophisticated IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) style suite of powerful bespoke control routines. These routines utilise existing data points to maximise the potential of the existing plant while minimising its energy consumption. This would not involve deleting or removing the existing BMS control routines. They instead would be suspended with the ability to readily redeploy them should this ever be desirable.


New Open Protocol Loytec PLC

This PLC controller has been built entirely on an open protocol platform (BACnet, OPC, Modbus, LONworks, KNX, DALI, M-BUS, ZigBee Pro, SMI & EnOcean) therefore allowing smoother integration of various system types. This way clients can transition towards having their building controls set upon open standards, giving themselves access to more OEM offerings with minimal technical/cost barriers.


Smartphone App: Easier System Management for Clients, Maintenance Benefits and more

A site specific smartphone app would be developed to provide the client with key building data and control features at its fingertips. This would empower the team with the knowledge of what the building’s systems are doing at any moment in time and how the building is performing from an energy and comfort perspective. This app provides a simple user interface to the new powerful control routines programmed into the HVAC systems by the Loytec PLC


Monitoring & Fine Tuning

A period of remotely monitoring the new control routines and fine tuning them is key to a seamless and successfully integrated Symphony solution. This is an intense process for Symphony but quite invisible to the building users. Although mostly contained within the first few months of operation, it typically continues for a full year. Thereafter a periodic review ensures that the system continues to perform to its potential going forward. Such periodic reviews can likewise unfold new system improvement/integration opportunities for the client.