Symphony Cloud Features

Future Proof

  • Open architecture
  • Open protocols

NZEB Ready & Beyond

  • Typically 50% guaranteed savings on a 3-year payback


  • Deep energy savings without a deep retrofit budget
  • Typically 50% guaranteed savings on a 3-year payback Maintenance


  • Predictive maintenance to tackle a brewing issue before it manifests as a problem
  • Preventative maintenance to maintain system health
  • Asset Lifecycle tracking

Problem solving

  • Excellent tool to analyse and resolve legacy issues
  • Ability to uncover previous unknowns and yield operational performance and cost savings

Facilities Management

  • Deep insight into the performance of your building
  • Receive automated prompts for timely action
  • Finger tip control over the building’s HVAC systems
  • A powerful tool that enables better decision making
  • Minimised user stress with added system intelligence allowing issues to be dealt with proactively rather than retrospectively


  • Sub-metering integrated into the HVAC controls on a separate platform

SI 426 & ISO 50001

  • Data analytics and other tools allows faster IS 426 data gathering and easier identification of future energy projects to satisfy ISO 50001